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  FlexxPump is a extraordinary compact lubrication pump for oil and grease up to NLGl3, also suitable  for greases containing solid lubricants. The pump is equipt with a battery pack for self sufficient power  supply and does not need external electricity.

  Alternatively FlexxPump can also be connected to a  24 V DC grid. Depending on the configuration, the  FlexxPump is available with up to 4 outlets and is  there for the best solution for applications with limited lubrication points.

  Typical applications are electrical motors, ventilators,  and compressors. For maintenance it can be used to  re lubricate chains with chain oil, or it can supply  lubrication pinions with oil and grease. Due to the  compact dimensions, the FlexxPump can be used for  retro fitting. Many other applications are possible.


FlexxPinion chain lubrication system, PU –Foam roller with plastic sprocket wheel is a tailor made solution for the fully automatic lubrication of all type of chains using chain oil.

The foam rollers transfer smallest quantities of oil to the highest point of the chain link plate. There

the oil penetrates the link plate so that the lubricant can reach the most important actual lubrication point in between bushing and roller. unnecessary coverage of other parts of the chain is prevented ensuring a clean and economical use.

For a long term automatic replenishment with chain oils the automatic lubrication system FlexxPump is recommended. The FlexxPinion can be used for lubrication of rolling chains in all areas of machines and plant engineering.


A very efficient and technical solution that automatically

relubricate gears. The application is continuous and automatic. Special Lubrication Pinion is in contact with the driving pinion or rack. The pinion transfers lubricant into the contact area of the teeth.

The open pore Foam material guarantees an optimal supply of lubricant for the teeth.The Foam

stores lubricant via absorption and releases it again in small quantities in the contact zone of the teeth.

Excess lubricant is re absorbed. This prevents wear due to lubricant starvation or spillage due over lubrication.